Underrepresentation & Black Lives Matter

No matter your race, we have all been aware of the police shootings of minority blacks. This year alone, we have witnessed the high frequency of police brutalities and fatal shootings of white cops against black men in particular. I may be biased because I'm a black woman, but people who are not black can't possibly speak about the lives of a black person and vice versa. Every culture is different and forms their own sort of livelihood based on their environment and, ultimately, the color of their skin in most circumstances. Culture encompasses the social habits, food types, religion, language, music, arts, dress, etc. of a group. We as a people must stand against any form of inequalities due to race! 

The definition of underrepresentation, according to dictionary.com, is "to give inadequate representation to; represent in numbers that are disproportionately low." In speaking for many minority groups, the first problem solver to this, is to obtain jobs/positions in these career areas where we have low numbers. Take, for instance, the police department. For change to come, minorities must first start from within the department. This access can only happen if we hold these positions. After we have done that, then we can begin to infiltrate the programs and career development teachings that departments like these require for employment status. My husband always says, "You have to become who you hate." Even in its blunt harshness, this quote makes a valid point. Minorities have to want to become the teacher, the police officer, the employer, etc. for things to change. There may be some negative feelings about being underrepresented in these areas, BUT we can't complain if we choose not to engage and make a difference by making our presence known in such career fields. Change starts from within and not from outside the looking glass.

The catalyst to change falls in the hands of our youth. Our youth are the ones who will hopefully be able to hopefully create a stir in the older generations and actually see a change come about in their lifetime. But this doesn't exempt or omit the actions and thoughts of adults. If we remain uneducated, and satisfyingly complacent, with a stagnant mindset within ourselves, we will continue to see the injustices and inequalities amongst minorities. It's time out for turning the other cheek and pretending that these problems don't exist! Until we can say that BLACK LIVES MATTER we cannot possibly say that ALL LIVES MATTER! 

My challenge to everyone reading this is to look within yourselves and reevaluate the way you think. Sometimes subconsciously, we form unjust opinions of people, and wrongful behavior happens as a result. We must all make a decision every day to be our best selves, and that includes being fair and just to all! 

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