OMG! The World Has Turned Vegan!

Who are these people who have openly said that they no longer eat meat? What do you mean, no eggs or dairy? What planet are they from, and who permitted them to land on planet earth? Many of us have been taught to eat from the land and animals provided to us. I mean, who doesn't crave a cheesy omelet for breakfast? A good ole seasoned steak? How about some fried seafood caught fresh from popular restaurants located near docks? Well, the world has surprisingly turned upside down with increasing numbers of the population professing veganism as their new dietary lifestyle, including myself.

Many have converted to this dietary lifestyle for many reasons. Two of the main reasons are that some vegans are sympathetic to the senseless killings and mistreatment of animals, while others it's preferable for health reasons. Veganism has been brought to the forefront of noticeability by numerous celebrity artists who are either vegan or have at least publicly endorsed veganism. Some prominent names include the likes of Lizzo, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Styles P, Venus Williams, Beyonce, and Waka Flocka. In my opinion, veganism is by far the most talked-about diet.

As with anything that is unlike the norm, there will always be those who will take an opposing stance. Naysayers argue that vegans won't get their recommended amounts of protein. But what they fail or choose not to realize is that vegetables and legumes have protein benefits while also being easily passed through our digestive systems. Let's not even get into the specifics of long meat can stay in your digestive system before being thoroughly broken down and passed; if it's even wholly digested and passed at all! We'll leave that for another blog post in the future, perhaps.

Vegan foods have come a long way in terms of looking, feeling, and tasting like non-vegan foods. So much, so that meat eaters have even agreed that it stands up favorably to animal meat. In the past couple of years, food companies have jumped on the vegan bandwagon and have created meat alternatives. Companies such as Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Morning Star, Gardein, Tofurky, Feild Roast, Yves Veggie Cusine, Lightlife, and Boca Burger seemed to come out of nowhere, each claiming to be the best at tasting like "real meat." Sit down restaurants like Red Robin and Cheesecake Factory have offered Impossible burgers for a couple of years now, allowing vegans to feel somewhat accepted when choosing to eat out. Fast food restaurants have even decided to offer meatless options. Burger King was the first to offer veggie burgers as a part of their value menu. What people may not know is that not all veggie burgers are created equal. Some veggie burgers, including the brand offered at Burger King, contain egg whites, which isn't vegan. In recent years Burger King took it a step further and became the first fast-food restaurant to offer a true vegan meatless option with Impossible Meat. They coined it, "The Impossible Whopper!" This addition to their menu was groundbreaking and profitable for the food chain. As The Impossible Burger grew in popularity, I noticed that Burger King switched their veggie burger vendor from Morning Star to Rebel Meat, which is a vegan meatless product.

As the world turns and changes, so does the views and lifestyles of its inhabitants. Just face it, vegans are here to stay, and we demand to feel accepted when and if we choose to eat out. We think that at the least grocery stores should take a stand and offer more options for us as well. Variety is key! 

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Veegmyeats ~ Owner, Sheena S., Connecticut

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