Loose to LOC'D Natural Hair

Making the decision to go from a loose natural and committing to start dreadlocks was major for me! I knew that I wanted something low maintenance but I wasn’t sure how the journey of achieving this style would be nor if I had the patience to wait for my hair to “loc.” I am currently 5 months into my loc journey and I must say it’s been quite easy. With using only my shea butters, oils, a refresher spray and a shampoo that I may be introducing to the site soon it’s been an easy transition. My oils have ensured that my scalp is moisturized and my butters in the last week have also kept a heavier moisturizer “fix” for my strands that I’ve recently colored a lighter brown. Whether you have natural, permed, color treated, straight or loc’s hair out line or oils and butters are sufficient to keep your strands and scalp healthy.

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